Jerry Sherk
Former NFL All-Pro Lineman and Trainer/Designwer/Writer and Workshop Leader
Expert in Youth and Adult Mentoring Programs

Jerry Sherk, MA, is President and founder of Mentor Management Systems of Encinitas, and he has also been a consultant for Milt Wright and Associates for the past four years.

Through Mentor Management Systems, Jerry and his employees provide technical assistance and training to both corporate and youth-based mentoring programs. Over the past twelve years, Jerry has facilitated workshops for hundreds of mentors, mentees and mentoring program staff, and he has also helped numerous programs to develop their overall structure, along with their training materials.

Jerry has authored or co-authored a number of workbooks on mentoring including:

  • Best Practices for Mentoring Programs
  • Creating and Sustaining a Winning Match
  • Risk Management for Mentoring Programs
  • Recruiting: A Strength-based Approach
  • How to Create a Mentoring Program Operations Manual
  • The Mentors Guide (for Early Care Teachers in the California Community College System)
  • Developing Ex-Prisoner Mentoring Programs
Among his many current consulting jobs (as of spring of 2007), Jerry is the Technical Assistance Project Leader for the Prisoner Reentry Initiative. Within this U.S. Department of Labor-funded program, Jerry is developing and presenting a number of web conferences, creating training materials for all thirty program sites, and traveling to ten programs across the United States. Jerry is also currently working with the Fulfillment Fund of Los Angeles, to revise their mentoring program's policies and procedures, training materials, and to train staff.

In addition to speaking and training on mentoring and customer service, Jerry also provides talks on transition issues; during his master's program, Jerry studied what sport psychology calls "athletic transition," a subject that addresses the difficulties high performance athletes have when they move from sports to private life. In his presentations on transition, Jerry discusses the parallels between the transitions of professional athletes, and of everyman and everywoman.

Jerry is the past Executive Director of the Mentoring Coalition of San Diego County, as well as Past President of the NFL Retired Players Association, of San Diego. From 1970-1981, Jerry was an All Pro defensive lineman for the Cleveland Browns. His team recently honored him by being inducted into to the Cleveland Browns Hall of Fame (called "Cleveland Browns Legends").