Successful results from Disability Management services are offered by MWA. Milt Wright & Associates, Inc. publishes Return-to-Work training manuals and videos. In addition, we customize our materials and design effective programs to meet the unique qualities and features of corporations. We offer: Customized Return to Work Implementation Manuals to respond to the specific structure of your organization.

  • Customized Training to help in the crucial process of creating positive attitudes among supervisors and employees.
  • Policies and Procedures to define step-by-step procedures and clarification of roles and responsibilities.
  • Reasonable Accommodation Checklists to help identify options for providing a reasonable accommodation.
  • Transitional Employment Plan Guidelines and Forms to assist in the recovery process by accommodating for employees restrictions and focusing on their ability to work.
  • Supervisor Checklists to ensure that your supervisors know exactly what steps they need to take in the return-to-work process when someone is injured.
  • Quick Implementation Guide to ensure that your program is rolled out effectively at the home office as well as at regional and field offices.
  • Troubleshooting Guide to address such things as:
    Problems in the implementation process
    Difficulties working with the medical community
    Common issues which arise in Transitional Employment
  • Sample Letters and Forms to communicate with employees and the medical community.
  • Training Videotapes to aid in the training of managers, supervisors, employees, and physicians.

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