Workforce Development

Milt Wright & Associates offers the following Workforce Development consulting services:

  • Strategic planning for business services, outreach, recruitment and change management design vision and mission statements

  • Develop and implement transition strategies for changes

  • Examine current approach to job placement and retention activities and make recommendations to will be successful under the new funding guidelines

  • Overcome challenges with practical implementation solutions to maximize job placement and retention efforts to meet new funding goals
Typical Findings and Recommendations Include:
  • Evaluation of the change of funding modality and its impact on organization current job placement and retention system

  • Comprehensive and specific recommendations for changes in job placement and retention policies and procedures with performance goals and objectives under the new funding guidelines

  • Recommendations for designing, training, implementing, staffing and ongoing maintenance and management of the new model

  • In-house strategies for maintaining continuity and retention of existing staff during the transition period

  • Comparison of job placement and retention models of peer organizations faced with similar funding and priority changes

  • Job placement and retention "best practices" for similar organizations

  • Measurement and progress indices for determining short and long-term results of program changes

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