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Milt Wright & Associates, Inc. publishes Return-to-Work training manuals and videos. In addition, we customize our materials and design effective programs to meet the unique qualities and features of corporations. We offer:

  • Customized Return to Work Implementation Manuals to respond to the specific structure of your organization.

  • Customized Training to help in the crucial process of creating positive attitudes among supervisors and employees.

  • Policies and Procedures to define step-by-step procedures and clarification of roles and responsibilities.

  • Reasonable Accommodation Checklists to help identify options for providing a reasonable accommodation.

  • Transitional Employment Plan Guidelines and Forms to assist in the recovery process by accommodating for employees restrictions and focusing on their ability to work. Supervisor Checklists to ensure that your supervisors know exactly what steps they need to take in the return-to-work process when someone is injured.

  • Quick Implementation Guide to ensure that your program is rolled out effectively at the home office as well as at regional and field offices.

  • Troubleshooting Guide to address such things as:
    • Problems in the implementation process
    • Difficulties working with the medical community
    • Common issues which arise in Transitional Employment

  • Sample Letters and Forms to communicate with employees and the medical community.

  • Training Videotapes to aid in the training of managers, supervisors, employees, and physicians.


Milt Wright & Associates, Inc. offers exceptional training by professionals who are in high demand for their knowledge and dynamic training styles. We work with the corporate staff to integrate the most effective "best practices" and teach the corporate training team how to present the Return-To-Work program for managers, supervisors, and employees.


Milt Wright & Associates, Inc. is able to identify the "total costs" associated with disability management within your company and to examine the roles of Health & Safety, Human Resource, EEO, Workers' Compensation, Long-term Disability, FMLA, ADA and the medical providers. Disability-related costs have become one of the top three expenditures for corporations. Evaluating the current effectiveness of your disability management system service is the first step towards achieving cost containment.


Upon review of current practices, Milt Wright & Associates, Inc. will make recommendations for cost containment within the area of disability management services. Key consultants for this service are Richard Pimentel and Howard Larson.


We monitor and adjust the programs designed by Milt Wright & Associates, Inc. to meet the unique needs of each corporation. Support services are designed to specifically address each customized program. Support services may include on-site consultation, telephone communication, on-site training, and design of educational materials for the corporation to enhance program implementation.

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