About Milt Wright & Associates, Inc.

Milt Wright and Associates is a publishing, training and consulting firm focused on Disability Management, Job Creation and Employment Resources. For Workforce Development professionals, we offer innovative job development and job retention resources and training for One-Stop Center, School to Work, Welfare to Work, Job Club, Career Education and Vocational Training courses.

For Employers, we specialize in the design and implementation of disability management, return to work programs, workers' compensation cost containment strategies, transitional employment, mentoring strategies, diversity, and job retention.


Mission Statement: Milt Wright & Associates, Inc. strives to help you create a diverse workforce of individuals who utilize and develop their skills and abilities to contribute to the well-being of our society. It is our goal to create excellent programs and training to help people attain self-sufficiency and personal satisfaction in a changing workforce. Toward this goal, we further extend our dedicated service to offer tools and resources to the employer community that improve productivity and reduce costs.