Richard Pimentel

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Corporate Services
Richard Pimentel photo Richard Pimentel - A nationally renowned speaker on Leadership and Crisis Management, Disability Inclusion, and the ADAAA. As a consultant, keynote speaker, professional trainer and author of numerous curricula and training guides, Dr. Pimentel is distinguished by his ability to predict industry trends and the needs of employers.
Milt Wright photo Milt Wright - The creator and founder of Milt Wright & Associates, Inc. His philosophy in founding the company was to create training programs on creating and valuing a diverse workforce to optimize employee performance.
Denise Bissonette photo Denise Bissonette is a principal in the firm of Diversity World, She is one of North America’s most sought-after trainers and speakers on career development, job development, workforce development, and "true livelihood".
John Robinson photo John Robinson - Born a congenital amputee, John has no hands or knees. Yet, through his remarkable tenacity, talent and faith, he has succeeded in business and in building a family in a way that few may have expected from the outset.
Jerry Sherk photo Jerry Sherk - Former NFL All-Pro Lineman, Jerry is the president and founder of Mentor Management Systems of Encinitas, and consultant for Milt Wright and Associates. Through Mentor Management Systems, Jerry and his employees provide technical assistance and training to both corporate and youth-based mentoring programs.

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