By Windmills’ Author Richard Pimentel, we are proud to introduce “Without Limits”

Your Power as a Youth with Disability
Without Limits is a pre-employment self-advocacy curriculum for students and youth with disabilities. This program helps students discover their own value as individuals and advocate for themselves with educators and employers.

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Milt Wright & Associates Inc. presents "Windmills 2016" in partnership with Friends of Californians with Disabilities

What is the Windmills Training Program?
Revised in 2016, "Windmills" is high-impact training, changing the perception of disability. This program is designed for employers to become objective in hiring and working with people with disabilities. The 2016 updates include trainer clarity enhancements along with new exercises.

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Milt Wright & Associates and EARA Technology present Return to Work "Xilo" Software

EARA Technologies Wins Innovation Award (CLICK HERE)

EARA Technologies, Xilo Software specializes in Health and Safetly excellence and expedited return to work Workers Compensation cost reduction.
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Music Within - the MGM motion picture of Milt Wright & Associates Senior Partner Dr. Richard Pimentel about a brilliant public speaker, who returns from Vietnam hearing impaired, and finds a new purpose on behalf of Americans with Disabilities (Captioned Trailer)

"It's the sleeper of the year... great movie, terrific cast, one of those films that comes along once in a blue moon!"   LARRY KING

"Convincingly delivers the message that disabilities are everyone’s concern." – Variety
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