Workbooks and Publications
Created by Milt Wright and Associates consultants, these include:

  • 30 Ways to Shine for New Employees
  • Windmills: Hiring and Retaining People with Disabilities
  • Blueprint for Workplace Success
  • Blueprint for Customer Services
  • Cultivating True Livelihood
  • Return to Work and Case Management
  • Return to Work System Design
  • The Mentorís Guide (California Early Childhood Mentoring Program)
  • The Student Handbook (California Early Childhood Mentoring Program)
  • How to Develop a Former Prisoner Mentoring Program
  • Beyond Traditional Job Development
  • Job Placement of Individuals with Disabilities
Working with the team from Milt Wright and Associates, curriculum and publication creation can be customized for your organization. This process can also include the development of a program structure (for example, job training or mentoring).

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