The Taking Control Process

Item 216M  The Taking Control Process: Beyond Light Duty
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Return to Work Program!
The Taking Control Process: Beyond Light Duty

Written by Richard Pimentel, Howard Larson, Christopher G. Bell, Esq.

This 138 page manual prescribes a step-by-step process for instituting a comprehensive disability management and innovative return to work program that your company can use to take control of workers' compensation costs. The authors of this program, who specialize in the creation and implementation of effective disability management programs, have compiled the key elements of a Return to Work Program that has been successfully implemented by large fortune 500 companies and small business.

The contents covered include:

What is Disability Management?

Implementing a Return to Work Program

Employee Training

Supervisor Training

Developing Job Descriptions

Educating the Medical Community

Employer/Supervisor Contact After the Injury

Employee Leave as an Entitlement

Transitional Employment

Job Modifications for Employees