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Item 250BC: Beyond Traditional Job Development
256pp, ISBN: 0942071298
(Book and 1 hour Introductory CD)
Price $30.00

Item 251C: Beyond Traditional Job Development
(Book on CD, 6 hour unabridged version)
Price $49.00
  Beyond Traditional Job Development:
The Art Of Creating Opportunity
By Denise Bissonnette

Highly readable and entertaining, this book is a goldmine of invaluable ideas and strategies to catapult job developers from scarcity to abundance and from discouragement to empowerment and career satisfaction. Beyond Traditional Job Development discusses the philosophy and practice of entrepreneurial job development and challenges conventional wisdom about the current job market.

Now you can benefit from the goldmine of ideas and strategies offered in the book while listening to any of the eleven chapters on tape in the convenience of your car. For example:

When experiencing the job development blues, listen to the inspiring section on entrepreneurial methods and the abundance mentality.
Before meeting with a new employer, benefit from the 18 ways to fine-tune your marketing presentation.
While making cold calls to employers on the phone or in person, reinspire yourself with the motivational tips for contacting employers.
When at your witsí end for ideas on revitalizing a relationship with an employer, review your options with the section on employer partnerships.
When one of your newly-hired applicants "burns" your favorite employer, listen to Chapter 11 for advice on turning your worst nightmare into a golden opportunity!