30 Ways to Shine
Item 253B: 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee
130 pages, ISBN: 0942071360
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30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee
A Guide for Success in the Workplace

An excellent guide for Job Retention and Success that can be used by the individual employee as a self-help guide or with support from supervisors or mentors.

This guide is a gold mine of practical tips, suggestions and a "daily challenge activity" for new employees to grow and shine in thirty skill areas which include:

Dealing with the stress of change

Responding well to feedback

Handling negative emotions at work

Learning the company culture

Surviving office politics

Dealing with difficult people

Being a team player

Shining in the eyes of customers

Going the extra mile for the employer

Balancing life and work

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Free supplemental user guide: To creatively implement the use of this guide with new employees, we offer with purchase a supplemental Employer Guide on how to use the guide as the basis for a workplace mentorship program. There are a variety of options for using this guide with your employees. Click here to view these options.