Developing the New Employee

Item 292M: Developing the New Employee: A Trainer's Guide for Retaining and Enhancing a Diverse Workforce
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Developing the New Employee
Retaining and Enhancing a Diverse Workforce

This compelling program provides powerful attitudinal training coupled with practical management techniques designed to be particularly effective in the diverse 21st century workplace. The program, authored by renown training experts, Rich Pimentel and Denise Bissonnette, was designed to meet the following objectives:

Change managers and supervisors attitudes toward working effectively with a diverse workforce.
Develop new employee work ethics and an attitude for success in the workplace.
Develop an environment in which new employees can enhance their skills in communication, responsibility, and overall job performance.
Provide tools and ideas for on-going mentoring that require a minimum of time and effort.
Improve effective communication between supervisors and employees.

Benefits of providing this invaluable training to your managers and supervisors:

Substantially improve job retention
Increase employee productivity
Increase employee satisfaction
Reduce recruitment costs

There are two ways to take advantage of this unique program:

  1. Attend a Training of Trainers delivered by one or both of the creators of this program to enable your company to provide this program internally; or
  1. Arrange for  Milt Wright & Associates, Inc. provide a custom training of trainers for your company.

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