Item 391W: Blueprint for Workplace Success: A Guide for Employment Preparation (Workbook)
112pp ISBN:09759410-0-3
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Item 390M: Blueprint for Workplace Success:
A Guide for Employment Preparation (Instructor's Guide)

218pp ISBN:09759410-0-9
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  BLUEPRINT For Workplace Success: A Guide to Employment Preparation
30-Hour Employment Preparation. Excellent for youth and individuals who are about to begin the employment experience!

The South Bay Workforce Investment Board has found that 98% of those who completed the Blueprint program obtained employment or enrolled in post-secondary education. 72% of the youth participants in the SBWIB’s Gang Intervention & Prevention Program also gained employment after completing Blueprint.

This highly interactive 30 to 40 hour curriculum is an excellent training resource for teachers, counselors and employment specialist. It is designed to motivate and inspire youth and individuals who are uncertain about their employment options to take responsibility toward creating a meaningful and realistic career path. The materials will make your work easer, more effective and altogether more engaging as you foster the development of skills, strategies and attitude necessary to help individuals find their way in the fast-paced world of work.

The ultimate goal of Blueprint for Workplace Success is to provide individuals with tools and resources they need to believe in themselves and their capability to find and be successful at a job. The entire curriculum integrates the development of employment skills as identified by the Secretary of Labor's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS).

The Workbook focuses on the following topics:

Self Discovery
Managing Your Time Effectively
Realities of the Job Market
Workplace Skills for Today's Employee
Using Effective Communication
Contacting Employers
Preparing for the Job Interview
Getting Hired (Workplace issues, paperwork and finances)
Keeping Your Job

The Instructor's Guide contains easy to use directions for conducting all the activities plus additional handouts and pre/post tests to monitor progress and further enhance the concepts being taught.  To make teaching easier, the contents of the workbook are also included within the Instructor's Guide (Workbook materials within the Instructor's Guide may not be duplicated). Workbooks are available for purchase at a discounted quantity price.