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  Leaders Without Limits
by Darcy Pickens, Kellie Longo Albarran, Robert Hand

Leaders Without Limits is an 18 hour Community Leadership Academy course designed to train individuals with disabilities to actively participate on nonprofit and community advisory boards, committees and councils as ongoing advocates for positive social change. Many graduates of the Community Leadership Academy are now members of nonprofit boards and political committees. Join us to make an impact on disability inclusion!

Benefits of the Leaders Without Limits training:

  • Establish newly identified volunteers with disabilities trained in community leadership.
  • Expand the number of community agencies and politicians that actively support your agency.
  • Increase financial opportunities and support for your agency.
Trainers will learn:
  • How to effectively develop a Leaders Without Limits training program.
  • How to inspire individuals to be leaders in the community.
  • Strategies to obtain funding and speakers for the course.

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Students will learn:
  • The impact they can make as a community leader.
  • Roles and responsibilities of nonprofit boards and political committee members.
  • How nonprofit boards operate.
  • New strategies for connecting with local government officials and nonprofit agencies.
  • How to identify and obtain a public board/committee position.