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Blueprint for Workplace Success: Customer Service Curriculum
Train-the-Trainer - Presenters: JERRY SHERK AND MILT WRIGHT


This curriculum was developed by Milt Wright & Associates Inc for the South Bay Workforce Investment Board and was created from the vision of the employer community in partnership with the workforce Board. What is the Blueprint for Workplace Success Customer Service Curriculum?

  • The 10-hour Blueprint for Customer Service Curriculum for youth and young adults is designed with entertaining interactive exercises to help program participants and new employees gain quality customer service skills.

  • This curriculum consists of a Student Workbook containing 10 lessons that were developed in order to teach entry-level employees basic customer service skills. In addition to the Student Workbook, the curriculum includes an annotated Instructor’s Guide.

  • This curriculum consists of Tests that validate skill attainment.

  • A comprehensive training curriculum that provides avenues to:
    1. Determine what customers want
    2. Learn about the impact of first impressions
    3. Understand what it means to have a positive attitude
    4. Obtain effective communication skills
    5. Learn how to listen to customers
    6. Gain skills necessary for quality telephone customer service
    7. Learn how to handle difficult customers
    8. Provide quality lasting Impressions
    9. Learn traits of ideal employees
    10. Develop a personal plan to provide excellent customer service
What are the Benefits of the Blueprint for Workplace Success Customer Service Curriculum?
  • Provides educators, workforce development trainers and employers with the tools to educate youth and adults in effective customer service skills.
  • Provides students with an interactive educational environment for gaining the skills necessary to excel in quality customer service.
  • Provides employers with a supply of better-qualified entry-level workers with the proper customer service skills and qualities needed to be an asset to their Company.
Training Focus

This two-day session is intended to train participants in the effective use of the Blueprint for Workplace Success Customer Service Curriculum. Jerry Sherk and Milt Wright will lead participants in an examination of many of the interactive activities in the Curriculum.

Training Materials

Each registrant will receive the Blueprint for Workplace Success Customer Service trainer curriculum manual and participant workbook.

Who Should Attend

High School and Adult Education Instructors, Employment Counselors, Trainers, Employers, Career Education Teachers, Workforce Development Youth and Adult Program Managers and Community College professionals.