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Cultivating True Livelihood
An Overview of Activity-Based Placement

This timely session informs and enlightens the employment professional on the new realities facing job seekers in the 21st century work world, particularly as they relate to cultivating work opportunities in a competitive market. Denise presents an overview of the compelling new approach to employment service, activity-based placement, in which job seekers are empowered, responsible and accountable for taking control of their own work search. Practical and inspiring tools and strategies from each of the 8 Courses are provided to equip job seekers to meet these new realities with optimism, hope and fresh possibilities.

Cultivating True Livelihood: Train the Trainers

A one-day, hands-on Training of Trainers session is available for each of the eight Courses of the Cultivating True Livelihood library. Participants experience the courses first-hand and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to utilize the activities of the respective course in the following context:

  • One-on-one employment counseling and job placement
  • Job clubs or support teams
  • Job search workshops or topical seminars
  • Work search volunteer groups

Cultivating True Livelihood: Courses

1Spirit To WorkFostering Hope And Shifting Perspective
2Knowing ThyselfAssets, Strengths And Choices
3Personal PowerResponding to Challenges
4Work Search Planning 
5Tools for the JourneyProposals, Resumes And Correspondence
6Researching Options And Opportunities 
7Contacting EmployersTaking' It To The Streets
8Interviewing With EaseMastering The Art Of Self-Presentation