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Developing the New Employee
Retaining and Enhancing a Diverse Workforce
A Powerful New Job Retention Program For Managers & Supervisors

Is Job Retention Affecting Your Bottom Line? Developing the New Employee (DNE) is a powerful new Job Retention Program offering state-of-the-art training to Managers, Supervisors and Human Resource professionals. Designed specifically for use with the diverse 21st century workplace, DNE offers attitudinal training coupled with practical management techniques.

DNE comprises of 12 modules to be customized to focus on the workplace skills you identify as priority for development. The modules include:

  1. Personal Attitudes And Their Impact On The Workplace
  2. Hiring The People You NEED: Inclusive Interviewing Techniques
  3. Employee Mentorship: Facts, Fiction And Reality For Job Retention
  4. Introduction To Effective Communication Skills
  5. Appreciating Interactional Styles And Their Best Use
  6. Beyond Hearing: Developing Listening Skills
  7. Tips For Communicating With Employees With Limited English
  8. Comprehending And Communicating Corporate Culture To Assist New Employee Transition
  9. Setting Performance Goals: Blueprints For Success
  10. Team Dynamics: Practical Exercises For Including The New Employee
  11. Cultivating Spirit: Management Techniques For Needs Assessment, Delegation & Recognition
  12. Conflict Management: Moving Beyond Conflict To Cooperation
This powerful training provides the tools, techniques and strategies to support your company in being an employer of choice. These modules can be offered as single sessions, workshops, and train-the-trainer programs.

Can you afford not to be an Employer of Choice?

Use DNE to become an Employer of Choice

  • Substantially improve job retention
  • Increase Employee productivity and satisfaction resulting in increased profit
  • Improve New Employee Transition in the critical first 90 days
  • Reduce recruitment costs
Goals for DNE Training include:
  • Changing management and supervisory attitudes toward working with a New Employee
  • Developing New Employee work ethics and attitude for success in the workplace
  • Cultivating an environment in which new employees can enhance their skills in communication, responsibility, and overall job performance
  • Providing tools and ideas for ongoing mentoring that require minimal time and effort
  • Improving effective communication between supervisors and employees
  • Understanding work styles and using them to the greatest organizational advantage
Take advantage of this unique program and design your organization's course into the 21st century!

Learn how to:

  • Create a healthy workplace
  • Find and retain best employees
  • Hire right from the start
  • Create a "red carpet" welcome
  • Develop blueprints for success
  • Understand the impact of corporate culture
  • Find what really makes your employees "tick"
  • Help employees to Shine: your style, my style, our style
  • Create a work environment in which both the employee and the employer win!
What do employers say about DNE training?

"It's very related to our needs in today's workforce."
"Excellent program. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!"
"This program offers practical advice and information that I can immediately use!"
"Thanks, you introduced us to new and innovative ways to attract and train new employees!"