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      WITHOUT LIMITS – Self-Advocacy Program for High School and Post-Secondary Students in Transition (Updated 2018)


  Dr. Richard Pimentel, Heidi Dirkse-Graw, Eric Stone and Steve Baer

For WITHOUT LIMITS Training of Trainers, contact Milt Wright & Associates, Inc. at or call 818-307-0251

Without Limits is an interactive curriculum designed for trainers and teachers to provide a safe environment for high school and post-secondary students in transition to discover their own value as individuals. Students gain an understanding of effective ways to be fully productive and succeed at school and work. They learn more about themselves and strategies for self-advocacy. The curriculum is designed for four different intellectual levels of students including:

  • High school and/or post-secondary academic skills,
  • Middle school level and high elementary academic skills
  • Low elementary level academic skills
  • Pre-K Kindergarten level academic skills

The curriculum includes a series of ten interactive exercises for up to 36 hours of instruction time for students. These activities can be adapted to lesser durations to accommodate various classroom/training schedules. In addition, there are two additional interactive exercises for Parents and Guardians to support their children and young adults with disabilities towards achieving success at school and work.

The curriculum is designed for high school and post-secondary students in transition to:

  • Discover positive traits, values and qualities

  • Explore quality and values other people see in them

  • Consider the beneficial lessons learned from having a disability

  • Learn not to let people’s reactions affect how they feel about themselves

  • Discover how to positively bring up their need for an accommodation at school and work

  • Educate students on how to resolve common concerns that teachers and employers have about possible accommodations

  • Learn how attitudes about persons with disabilities are formed and discover new ways to overcome misperceptions with their peers, teachers and employers

  • Explore different options to the traditional interview that increases their chances of being hired
Parents of high school and post-secondary students in transition learn:
  • The traits and attributes that help persons with disabilities succeed

  • Options for protecting their children from the effects of bullying
This curriculum can be easily integrated in special education classes, School to Work transition activities, community organizations contracted to deliver Self Advocacy programs and Vocational Rehabilitation Pre Employment Transition services.

The authors include the 2018 special education transition teacher of the year in Oregon, a vocational rehabilitation transition counselor, President of a nationally renowned community rehabilitation agency and a highly respected keynoter, trainer, and curriculum developer of Windmills – Changing the Perception of Ability (an employment disability inclusion program) and several highly acclaimed disability related products.